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Communication possibilities

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This page discusses the following communication possibilities:

Communication with lab, rx and other suppliers of results

Transfer of protocols between another application and MediBase is done by a communication file.
Every supplier of results needs to supply our own MediBase format so MediBase can process the results correctly.
The supplier can create this format according to the procedure discusses in the document "Standard protocol format". This document can be found on our website or can be obtained from us. It's safe to say that the way MediBase communicates is known by most software suppliers and has already been incorporated into their own software as a standard.

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Communication with the central administration hospital computer

In order to establish communication between two systems, an active dialogue between the department and the central system to determine the best route is needed. This route naturally depends on the provisions of the central system. At the moment communication in most institutions can be established by using the international HL7-standard. This form of communication is integrated in MediBase. It's possible to exchange HL7 messages through files or through an active connexion in which confirmation messages are sent between different computers. Messages that deviate from HL7 or some very hospital specific formats can possibly also be used as a base for communication.

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Communication with the hospital accounting department

The format of the communication file in which accounting data can be sent electronically usually differs from hospital supplier to hospital supplier. Most suppliers' formats are known to us and can be delivered at a fixed price, without having to make an estimate for additional configuration on demand.

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Communication of own results with fellow doctor

For sending confidential patient information we propose working with Mediring or Medibridge.

These e-mail systems for the medical sector allow you to send patient related information to any colleague or receive mail from any colleague electronically. These systems ensure everything is sent immaculately and in accordance with medical ethics. Communication with both systems can be done through MediBase fully transparently, i.e. the creation of the mail and preparing to send is done relatively simply with a minimal intervention of the user.

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Communication with the hospital results server

Letters, specific discharge letters and results of technical researches can be sent to the results server. Also encoded diagnostics and surgeries (ICD-9) can be transmitted. The communication from MediBase is always done by the HL7 standard. MediBase can be installed as a transparent application under Cegeka's product C2M, in which both products act as a whole for the user. For all information concerning the Cegeka results server solution, see For further information also see the explanation below.

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Results server: detail

MediBase communicates with the hospital results server and thus accomplishes a smooth exchange of important data between the different departments. An immaculate and transparent exchange of data with the results server has been realised between MediBase and C2M. C2M is a product of the company Cegeka (, of which MediBase is a part. This transparent solution was accomplished through the collaboration of development teams of both companies creating a seamless integration of both packages. MediBase can practically be used within the C2M program. MediBase can also transmit important data to other results servers.

A streamlined communication between a department and a hospital results server ensures:

Communication is of utmost importance in a hospital to achieve optimal care. However, we have to face up to the reality that every care provider, from the administration to the doctor to the nurse, has his or her own needs and desires when it comes to keeping a dossier and providing information. A central organisation in which everyone has access to the necessary data that are useful to them, combined with an own detailed dossier offers the most chance of success.

Positioning of MediBase in a Hospital Information System (HIS)

When we represent the information flows in a hospital in a graph we can distinguish the following groups:

Results server diagram

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