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Maintenance contract

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After the provided startup period you'll automatically receive an invoice for the Maintenance Contract. If you are not interested in maintenance, you are not obligated to pay this invoice and you will be credited. The terms of the maintenance contract are cited below.

Cegeka Healthcare PCL commits itself to lending support by telephone during a call of the MediBase user, so we can aid in the usage of MediBase, Mondays through Thursdays from 08.30-12.30h & from 13.00-17.00h, Friday from 08.30-12.30h & from 13.00-16.00h, the last Friday of the month from 08.30-12u30h & from 13u00-14u00h, except on Holidays. The call has to be made on a different phone number, i.e. not on the Cegeka main number.

When it is evident that aid by phone is not possible and it is impossible to continue working under any form due to a problem caused by MediBase, Cegeka Healthcare PCL commits itself to deliver on site support within 24 hours after noting the problem at the latest. Travel expenses and working hours are however NOT included in the maintenance contract and will be charged at the current rates.

Cegeka Healthcare PCL commits itself to creating and shipping cd-roms with modified versions or to making them available through the site. In general this applies to bug fixing and to specific version changes needed to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware. New upgrades in the program (new functionalities) are also included completely within the maintenance contract. The MediBase user can install the cd-roms or downloads himself/herself. When experiencing difficulties, one can of course count on assistance by telephone.

If the MediBase user opts not to install these versions himself/herself but to let Cegeka Healthcare PCL install them, the travel expenses and working hours are NOT included in the maintenance contract and will be charged at the current rates.

Programming hours spent on modifications to the program by MediBase user request will be included in the maintenance contract as much as possible. These requests for modifications need to be written down and sent by mail or fax to MediBase, after which the user will be informed of the feasability of designing the requests within the maintenance contract. The MediBase user is asked to take into account a reasonable period for the changes to be implemented.

2 half a days of MediBase group training spread across the year are also included in the maintenance contract and can be attended. The place and date of these trainings are announced in time. Furthermore the MediBase user who subscribes to the maintenance contract can use the services made available through the MediBase website at all times.

The maintenance contract in no way or form applies to problems relating to hardware or system programming. However, we will advise the best course of action through third parties to solve these types of problems.

Cegeka Healthcare PCL is not accountable for result damages occurred through bad or non functioning of the programming, or for damages as a result of wrong manipulation by the MediBase user. Result damages include loss of data, loss of working hours or products etc. The MediBase user is always responsible for taking the necessary backups. Although MediBase will always take the necessary precautions during support by telephone or during interventions, Cegeka Healthcare PCL will not be held accountable for loss of data.

The cost of the maintenance contract is calculated on a yearly basis at 18% of the price for the purchased licenses. The MediBase user agrees to paying the maintenance contract in advance. The maintenance contract is billed in the month of December. The subscription to the maintenance contract of the following year is done by payment of this bill by January 31st at the latest of the year to which the maintenance contract pertains.

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