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MediBase for Mac and Windows is an extremely powerful software tool for the doctor-specialist, tested and used daily by over 500 specialist practices. MediBase is positioned in the market of medical software as very userfriendly and at the same time complete software, with the necessary focus points for each discipline.

This page discusses the different MediBase modules:

MediBase Basic

Medibase basic screen

The MediBase basic module is the turntable of the administrative application. All elements to coordinate, execute and control the medical administrative tasks are present. The intelligent link with different relational databases allow the medical secretariat to achieve a higher performance and to work more efficiently, more accurately and at a lower cost.

The standard integrated text editor offers all functionalities to process the exchanges of the letters to the different refferal doctors smoothly and swiftly. From this module an electronic letter to the refferal doctors (through MediRing and/or Medibridge) can be created fully automatically and without a single extra action.

General discription of basic module:

- patient sheet : patient signalism, referral doctors, insurance data, overview written letters, printing certificates, printing labels
- exchange of letters (incl. text editing) : letter templates, pieces of text, standard protocols (=clickable flow by pathology)
- choice lists, choice texts in tree structure, frequently used documents and certificates
- medicine file (printing prescriptions), literature file (reference)
- different address files : doctors, relations, insurances, National Health Services
- export of letters in different electronic lay-outs for import in most General Practitioners' software (Medibridge and Mediring)
- integrated drawing module and spreadsheet module (not standard in server environments)
- installation and travel costs, 2 hours of basic training , 1 month support by telephone included

Optional :
- import administrative data from central hospital computer

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MediBase Clinical dossier

Medibase screen clinical dossier

MediBase clinical dossier is the Electronical Medical Dossier (EMD) for the doctor-specialist who wants to have the clinical dossier as well as the results server, images from a database and scanned documents in a single module within "clickable" range. Based on daily practice and in meeting with users of MediBase a specialty oriented medical dossier is proposed for each discipline and is regularly updated to the constantly changing needs of the medical practice.

Different consultation flows can be applied within the EMD. Coding can be done through own codes or ICD9. Specific fill-in screens exist for follow-up periods, for different tests, for links with technical equipment,...

General description of clinical dossier module :

Divided into different screens, consultable from the main screen:
- history of consultations, operations and hospitalisations
- fill-in screens for consultations (general, own and referred tests, surgeries)
- different aids in facilitating clinical data input
- automatic integration of filled in data in letters
- coding diagnoses and surgeries (ICD-9 or own coding), printing MKG-data
- history
- protocols lab, rx, other (automatic import of results)
- saved images
- follow-up of specific problems through self composed screens (through spreadsheetmodule)
- follow-up of specific problems through self composed drawings (through drawing module)
- basic training + 1 hour extra, + 1 month extra support by telephone

- export of letters, release letters, clinical consultation data, surgeries and diagnostics in the form of ICD-9 to the results server in the hospital.

The following modules are available :
anatomopathology, cardiology, cardio-surgery, dermatology, gastro-enterology, gynaecology, physical practice, internal practice, endocrinology, isotopes, maxilo-facial surgery, neurosurgery, ophtalmology, orthopedics, ear nose and throat specialty, pediatrics, plastic surgery, pneumology, radiotherapy, stomatology, urology.

Contact us for specific information concerning each specialty !!!

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MediBase Financial management

Medibase screen accounts

MediBase accounting is the module in which all financial transactions between patient and doctor/hospital can be registered. Through predefined types of bills the different to do tasks are kept. When creating a bill one only has to click the performed prestations. The prestations are easily found because they are divided into different groups for each specialty. MediBase calculates the basic tariff according to the RIZIV-coding and allows to adapt the basic tariff (e.g. automatic roundup, additions,...).
Through a number of simple mouse clicks a riziv certificate or a document that is later delivered to the central administration in the hospital is printed. An overview table for the medical secretariat with prestations of admitted patients, letters to insurance companies as honorary note, follow-up of open payments, up to the complete processing of bills through third party arrangements all belong to the possibilities of the accounting module of MediBase.

All kinds of financial overviews can be printed. Overview by doctor, by type of bill, by group of RIZIV certificates, by payment,...

General description of accounting module :

- insurances, amb bills, hospitalisation bills (also calculation of day care)
- printing certificates, overview tables for medical secretariat or National Health Service
- insurance letters, overview tables insurances, transfers (poss. with structured announcement)
- register system
- several modifiable files allow for specific demands for each doctor and for each department
- basic training + 2 hours, + 1 month support by telephone

- create billing files for hospital central administrationhi
- create tapes/overview tables for third party National Health Service
- import bankfiles (disks/Isabel) and tick payments


Please check out the website of LTD3, the "Limburgse Tarificatiedienst Derdebetalenden" as well. You can leave the administrative processing and collection of bills to this external firm to save on the necessary paperworks.

LTD3 functions as collection mechanism for medical and paramedical occupations. This service collects the amounts due to the doctors for their prestations with the National Health Services in a fast and correct manner



Tel: 011-28 78 03
Fax: 011-28 78 05

Limburgse Tarificatiedienst Derdebetalenden

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MediBase Transfer module

By means of the transfer module it is possible to transfer data on the first location at the end of the day or at regular intervals to a computer on the second location. When the transfer module is active any changes to the datafile (newly added patients, modified patient records, changes to the different help files) are kept continuously during normal operation.

When quitting the program, the transfer folder will be filled.

All changes to the workstation are kept in the transfer folder. Every station that has to receive the changes made on the other stations has its own subfolder in the transfer folder, where all the changes are dropped. In order to get these changes to a station in a different location this subfolder can be copied on a disk or on a USB stick. When one arrives on the 2nd location the contents of the disk or USB stick are placed in the transfer folder of the next station. When starting the program the contents of the folder will be automatically loaded into the datafile. As an alternative for disk/stick one can also opt to send the transfer files by regular e-mail to the other location.

The transfer system is also an ideal solution for users with a portable computer. For instance, all the changes in the computer on the secretariat are transferred to the portable by means of the transfer system. After working with the portable the new data is in turn sent back to the desktop pc of the secretariat.

TRANSFERRING IN A NETWORK ENVIRONMENT : it is also possible to use the transfer system in network, as an alternative to the (more expensive) multi-user environment. In certain practices there is no real need for a genuine multi-user network. Often there is a redistribution of tasks and each station is responsible for part of the daily routine. In order to provide each station with all the data input from the other stations, every station transmits its changes on regular intervals to a transfer folder which is placed in network. The other stations in turn detect the content present in their own subfolder and upload it automatically. When there is no redistribution of tasks and the different stations in the network need a constant feed of all the data input on all the stations, a genuine multi-user environment with 4D software is required.

General description transfer module :

- synching of data between different locations
- semi-multiuser with smaller networks

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