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Overview of possible couplings with MediBase

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  • Patient histories
  • Coupling photos, Word, Excel, PDF,... documents per patient
  • Certificates
  • Prescriptions
  • Seperate letters
  • Labels (*)
  • Clinical data
  • Sample texts
  • Choice lists
  • Choice sections
  • Protocols
  • Invoices
  • Cash register/bank files
  • Analytical bookkeeping
  • Coupling with external devices (audiogram, tympano, focometer, foropter,...) (*)
  • Mailing
  • Third payer - Extenso - Alkamed
  • Coupling with agenda (*)
  • Coupling with language technology software (*)
  • Waiting room
  • Coupling with Hospital Information System
  • Sending letters to Central Medical Record
  • Various items per specialty (e.g. growth curves for pediatrics,...)
  • Medibridge/Mediring/Medimail
  • Help module
  • Backup - Restore
  • SIS/EID (not for MAC) (*)
  • Coupling with Agfa Dicom/PACS
  • Cyberlab Mips
  • Coupling with Prescribe
  • Vaccinnet
  • ...

(*): not all software or hardware types are compatible for these items. Please inquire with us, before making a purchase

REMARK: this list is not exhaustive. Please contact our helpdesk if you want more information about items that are not on the list

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