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Every year training days are organised for MediBase users. Furthermore, we can organise personal assistance on location. Contact us by telephone for detailed agreements.

Since 2008, we have - after a lot of positive feedback - chosen to organise several afternoon training sessions per province, rather than organise 1 "big" training day

2009 Provincial Training Day : several dates in 2009

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How to install an upgrade?

Those among you who have a laptop (PC or MAC) please bring it along to the training day.
You'll be shown how you as a user can do an upgrade all by yourself

Explanation of the new features
  1. Double Timestamps
  2. Module Waiting room
  3. Coupling with the agenda software "Introlution"
  4. SIS/EID card => passport photo
  5. Explorer + Photos
  6. Invoices => Cash register
  7. Pediatrics => Vaccinnet
  8. Coupling with other machinery cfr. otolaryngology
  9. File lists
  10. Possible other topics
  • user suggestions
  • new features that were built in in the meantime
Q & A

If you have any suggestions concerning topics which you feel should be discussed during the Training Day, please inform us as soon as possible.
For those of you who can't free up time to attend in 2009 the complete program will be made available through our website.


Any questions or remarks? Please inform us!

Telephone: 011/240 350 - E-mail:

2008 Provincial Training Day : several dates in 2008

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2007 Training Day : 9th of November 2007

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2006 Training Day : 3rd of November 2006

(Click on "2006 Training Day" to continue to the 2006 Training Day contents)

2007 Training Day for Technicians : 10th of May 2007

(Click on "2007 Training Day for Technicians" to continue to the 2007 Training Day for Technicians contents)

In order to support the technicians who often come into contact with the MediBase program (due to a recovery, problems with protocols,...) but who don't always know which processes are involved in using the MediBase program, we've organised an info session in which a number of most frequent problems and procedures are further explained.

MediBase training after installation

After installation, training can commence. This is done in 2 major parts. First, you are shown how to use MediBase. Then, it's your turn to start working in MediBase under our guidance.

Generally, during training a strict program with little room for deviation is followed in order to be able to explain the basics of working with MediBase completely. It's important to keep questions for details and own focus points for after the training and possibly for follow-up by telephone. Otherwise, valuable time is often wasted and the basic competencies that are the main goal of the training are not acquired. We recommend to take this advice to heart. Besides, as soon as one is comfortable with the MediBase basics, these details and focus points are only small variants on the acquired basic competencies. When the basics are mastered you will feel more confident in experimenting with the program and customizing it to your own preferences. Take into account the fact as well that the manual counts 420 pages. Afterwards, one can easily find a number of specific focus points when organizing the practice, but it's impossible to cover all these focus points during basic training. In the year 2003 the manual has been replaced by an electronic version.

The headers used in MediBase can be changed at all time, but in configuring them more valuable time might be lost. That is why we ask to mail us the design beforehand, so we can create it in preparation for the training.

If you do not possess any of the skills yet, necessary for working with a computer, we advise you to take a course in the basic use of Windows beforehand. Please inquire at your hardware dealers for any courses. A basic course in Windows will provide more confidence and ensure a maximum gain from using MediBase. After training, there is always a startup period in which you can count on free support by telephone in helping you to further automising the practice and using MediBase to this end.

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